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A. FPC-1000 Tank Level Management System                           
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An automatic Microprocessor based fuel level management system shall be provided complete with a single 5.4gpm fuel supply pump. The system shall operate off a single 120vac power supply. Controller to be supplied by Wedlake Fabricating, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma 918-428-1641, or approved equal and be equipped with a LCD status display screen, NEMA 4X Enclosure as well as the following features.

A.1. Package features

1. 120vac TEFC 1/2hp motor.
2.  5.4gpm positive displacement self-priming gear driven fuel supply pump.
3. Fuel level capacitance sending unit.
4. Fuel pick up and return dip tubes.
5. Fill-Auto-Off selector switch.
6. Manual push to test button.

A.2. Functions of the controller to include

1. Day tank fuel level display.
2. Main tank fuel level display (requires optional sending unit in main tank).
3. Low day tank level alarm @ 30%.
4. High day tank level  alarm @ 85%.
5. High day tank level fault @ 95%.
6. Day tank rupture alarm.
7. Main tank rupture alarm (requires a leak sensor in main tank).

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