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HD-Sub Base

B. HD-Sub-base Fuel Tank
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A UL-142 secondary containment tank sized to allow the engine generator set to operate at 100% load for a minimum of _____ hours shall be provided. Tank shall be equipped to meet NFPA 30, 37, and all local codes. Tank shall be supplied by Wedlake Fabricating, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma 918-428-1641, or approved equal.

B.1. Fuel Tank Construction

1. Tank basin shall constructed with wide flange beam main rails
2. All other basin material shall be a minimum of 7ga. HRS.
3. All other inner tank material shall be minimum 10ga. HRS.
4. Interior tank baffle spacing is not to exceed 42” over the length of the tank or 48” over the width of the tank.
5. Conduit stub-up opening in tank as required.
6. Engine mounting rails shall be constructed of C - channel running the length of the engine base and sized appropriately.  Rails must be drilled to accept spring type vibration isolators.
7. Emergency venting shall be provided for main storage tank and the rupture basin.
8. Tank shall include four plate lifting eyes UL-142 rated to lift the entire assembled generator package including the fuel tank, enclosure, and generator.
9. Tank shall be tested to UL-142 standards and be UL-142 listed as a secondary containment tank.
10. Tank shall also be equipped with the following options:
• 2” NPT fuel fill with lockable cap
• Removable fuel pick up and return dip tubes
• Normal and emergency venting
• Mechanical fuel level gauge
• Low and leak alarm float switches
• 1” basin drain

B.2. Surface prep and finish

1. Clean entire Tank per SSPC-SP- 3.
2. Chemically clean all surfaces.
3. Caulk all exterior seams with polyurethane sealant.
4. Apply two coats of rust inhibitive primer (2mil DFT).
5. Apply two coats of PPG Amercoat 450H Acrylic Aliphatic polyurethane finish paint (2mil DFT).
6. Color to be determined by customer.

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