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Wedlake offers complete packaging including electrical packages, load bank testing and a full line of options. This not only cuts down on your field installation time but also gives you a fixed cost on the packaged unit.

Wedlake standard assembly includes:

  • Mount customer supplied generator set to sub-base fuel tank
  • Mount enclosure to sub-base fuel tank
  • Connect customer supplied fuel lines
  • Install customer supplied silencer(s) and flex pipe(s)
  • Wedlake supplies and installs balance of exhaust system
  • Prepare and load for shipment

In addition to the standard assembly described above Wedlake can supply and install the components needed to complete your job, such as:

  • Electrical packages including standard and emergency lighting
  • Exhaust silencers and flex pipes
  • Battery chargers
  • Electrical distribution panels
  • Mount and wire load banks and breakers
  • Fire suppression systems

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