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Fuel Tanks

Wedlake offers a full line of UL listed sub-base and stand-alone fuel tanks.  All Wedlake tanks can be used as day tanks when coupled with one of our fuel level pump and control systems.  Our sales people will read and interpret your written specifications and offer a fuel tank sized and equipped to meet your requirements.  Our design allows us to offer a fuel tank complete with four lifting lugs UL rated to lift the entire assembled generator package, including the engine generator set, enclosure, switch gear, exhaust system, and any other options.

We are currently able to provide five types of UL listed fuel tanks:

All Wedlake fuel tanks come with the following standard features:

  • Emergency and standard vents in the main tank and the rupture basin
  • Low fuel and leak alarm float switches
  • Mechanical fuel level gauge
  • Removable fuel supply and return dip tubes

We can also equip your fuel tank with options to meet your requirements, such as:

  • Added fuel supply and return fittings for fuel level and control systems
  • Additional fuel level alarms such as critical high or low level alarms
  • Platforms and/or steps for access to controls or entry of enclosure
  • Overflow prevention valves and overflow tanks
  • Fuel heaters sized for the capacity of your tank

SA--Stand Alone
FS--Sub Base
HD--Sub Base
FIREGUARD--Stand Alone
GEN-TANK--Sub Base

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