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TF Generator Trailer

A. TF Generator Trailer with integral fuel tank 
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A special purpose trailer designed specifically for this application, generator, and group of options shall be provided complete with a structural tubing frame, integral fuel tank and generator mounting points. Trailer shall be in full compliance with the following standards as established by the U S Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, be DOT/ICC approved and be manufactured in accordance with NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) guidelines. VIN plate labels and trailer equipped to be U.S. and Canadian Compliant. Trailer shall be supplied with DOT/ICC lighting with standard 7-pin connector plug. Trailer shall be supplied by Wedlake Fabricating, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma 918-428-1641, or approved equal.

A.1. Trailer Construction

1. Entire trailer frame shall be constructed of heavy walled structural steel tubing.  Under no circumstances shall the frame members be used as part of the fuel tank.
2. Heavy duty trailer fenders shall be formed 10ga. HRS and have a step at each end. Steps and all flat surfaces of fenders to have a permanent anti-skid coating applied before finish paint.
3. Fuel tank shall be built and tested but not listed per UL-142 requirements before being installed into trailer frame.
4. Trailer shall be equipped with a minimum 5,000lb tongue jack.
5. Two 7,000lb rear stabilizing jacks shall be provided.
6. Safety chains and hooks rated for capacity of trailer shall be provided.
7. Provide heavy duty flex axle suspension as required.
8. Wheel and tire capacities must be equal to or exceed the axle capacities.
9. Trailer shall be equipped with electric brakes on all wheels and an emergency break away switch with charger.
10. Fuel fill shall be elevated 6” and be complete with a “Velvac” key locking/non venting cap,(suitable for mobile applications).
11. Tank atmospheric vent shall be elevated above fuel fill.
12. Fuel gauge shall be a top mounted direct reading “Krueger” mechanical gauge.
13. Provide a low fuel level float switch factory set at 50% of the tank’s usable fuel capacity.

A.2  Surface Prep and Finish

1. All surfaces shall be thoroughly and completely cleaned per SSPC-SP-3.
2. Chemically clean all surfaces.
3. Caulk all exterior seams with polyurethane sealant.
4. Apply two coats of rust inhibitive primer (2mil DFT).
5. Apply two coats of PPG Amercoat 450 urethane enamel finish paint (2mil DFT).
6. Color to be determined by customer.

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