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A.  WG Weather Enclosure (Walk in / Drop over) 
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A weather protective enclosure shall be provided allowing at least 28” of clearance on three sides of the engine / alternator except where stricter local codes apply.  Enclosure shall be provided with two sets of double doors adjacent to the engine to allow for ease of service, and two single walk in doors. One walk in door must be located directly adjacent to the circuit breaker per NEC.  Enclosure shall be constructed entirely of Galvaneal material to prevent corrosion.  Enclosure shall be supplied by Wedlake Fabricating, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma 918-428-1641, or approved equal.

A.1. Enclosure Construction

1. All walls shall be constructed of formed 14ga. galvaneal panels not more than 24” in width.  Panels shall be welded on the interior of the enclosure to prevent corrosion.
2. Walls shall be designed to withstand 100mph wind load.
3. Roof shall be constructed of formed 14ga. galvaneal panels not more than 20” in width and have a minimum of  2” pitch from center. A full width 12ga. galvaneal roof support shall be added at each seam and additional supports added as needed to support the roof mounted exhaust system. 
4. Doors shall be pre hung 14ga. galvaneal construction using “Bullet type” lift off hinges.  Door frame shall be formed 12ga. galvaneal construction and bolt onto enclosure.
5. All door latches shall be key and pad lockable folding T-handles, all keyed alike.
6. Air intake shall be thru fixed louvers and designed to provide a maximum .5 pressure drop at 1000fpm velocity.
7. Radiator air discharge shall be thru fixed louvers.
8. All intake and discharge openings will have ½” x ½” wire mesh screen to prevent entry of birds and rodents.
9. Furnish and install all suitable and required hardware for the installation of the exhaust silencers(s) on the roof of the enclosure.
10. Rain gutters shall be provided at the roof line on all four sides of the enclosure.  An additional rain lip shall be provided above all doors on enclosures over 96” tall.
11. Weather tight radiator service door(s) shall be provided in the roof of the enclosure for easy access to radiator cap(s).
12. All fixed louvers shall be bolted to the enclosure using zinc plated hardware and shall be of framed construction and easily removable for service and replacement.

A.2. Surface Prep and Finish

1. All surfaces shall be thoroughly and completely cleaned per SSPC-SP- 3.
2. Chemically clean all surfaces.
3. Caulk all exterior seams with polyurethane sealant.
4. Apply two coats of rust inhibitive primer (2mil DFT).
5. Apply two coats of PPG Amercoat 450H Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane finish paint (2mil DFT).
6. Enclosure finish paint to be a textured finish.
7. Color to be determined by customer.

A.3. DC Emergency Lighting

1. Enclosure shall be provided with two 24VDC powered caged vapor proof incandescent lights mounted inside of the enclosure.  Both 24VDC lights shall be wired to a one hour timer switch located at the main entry door and powered by the engine batteries.

A.4. AC Electrical package

1. Enclosure to be wired per NEC and equipped with a 120/240V single phase load center with a 100amp main breaker and properly sized circuits with breakers for the following accessories:

  • Water jacket heater
  • Generator strip heaters
  • Battery charger
  • Two GFCI NEMA 5-20R maintenance receptacles inside of enclosure, located on opposite sides of the enclosure
  • Two 120VAC caged vapor proof incandescent lights mounted inside of the enclosure operated by two 3-way switches mounted inside at breaker access door and at double doors on opposite side of enclosure.

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